IO1/A1 Rationalisation Phase

This is the first deliverable of IO1 and comprises the conclusions elaborated by all partners from the analysis they carried out in relation to the current state of play of financial/ICT practices of start-ups in partner countries (National Phase) together with the identification of the winning practices of start-ups from countries topping the charts in terms of start-up viability and growth (Transnational Phase). All partners relied on the Table of Contents made after a concrete analysis in order to conduct their desk research in national and transnational level.

- IO1/A1 Table of Contents

- IO1/A1 National Phase: France, UK, Greece, Italy, Spain, Croatia, Romania

- IO1/A1 Transnational Phase

The comparative analysis of the Transnational Phase with the National Phase will reveal the gap between the desired situation ("TO-BE") and the present situation ("AS-IS").

-IO1/A1 Comparison analysis

IO1/A2 Needs Validation Phase

Based on the results of IO1/A1 analysis, the partnership created a questionnaire which aims in measuring young entrepreneurs' skill over the main financial concepts and validating their actual needs on financial management. This questionnaire was distributed in all partner countries online or with face-to-face interviews. The results of each country are full reported, while the comparison analysis between all partner countries revealed specific learning outcomes, which will be directly related to our action-based FCT Course.

- IO1/A2 Needs Validation Questionnaire

- IO1/A2 National Reports: France, UK,Greece, Italy, Spain (report conducted by FyG Consultores), Spain(report conducted by FGUGREM), Croatia, Romania

- IO1/A2 Comparison Analysis & Learning Outcomes

IO1/A3 Training Methodology & Strategies Definition

This activity comprises the structure, content, methodology, delivery approach and all relevant aspects of the B-CAPP vocational training system.

- IO1/A3 Training Methodology & Strategies Definition

IO1/A4 Action List

This activity refers to the identification of the actions that implement the Strategies of IO1/A3 and consist the main actions to be included in the FCT Course. The actions identified cover the needs deriving from the IO1/A2 analysis and learning outcomes.

- IO1/A4 Action List

IO1/A5 FCT Course Development

After the identification of the actions of the FCT Course, all partners created reports of the actions per modules, including full descriptions and information required for their implementation. The FCT Course will consist of 9 modules with 7 actions each.

- IO1/A5 FCT Course Development:

IO1/A6 Localisation

Here you will find the translations of the strategies and content. Available in EN, GR, IT, FR, ES, RO and HR.

- IO1/A6 Strategies : EN, GR, IT, FR, ES, RO, HR (links will be available soon)

- IO1/A6 Content: EN, GR, IT, FR, ES, RO, HR (links will be available soon)

IO1/A7 ECVET Supporting Tools

This activity contains the main ECVET Profile, Memorandum of Understanding and Learning Agreement.

- IO1/A7 ECVET Supporting Tools - Strategy  and Profile


O2/A1 - Genie Design & Development

This activity involved developing a Genie based on feedback from O1. It is an automated system that lets you create your own personalized Financial strategy based on the individual characteristics of your business. 

The benefits of which will improve your skills and knowledge in financial management and smart use of ICT / e-Business for reducing operating costs and generating revenues to your Start-up or SME. It will help you expand your cross border business activity and increase your competitiveness in the global market.

- O2/A1 - Genie Design & Development - Genie

O2/A2 - Actions Integration

This Outcome concerned injecting the course results from IO1 into the "Genie" back end and populating the action cards of each financial concept and ICT process to be supported. 

- O2/A2 - Actions Integration

O3/A1: Learning environment set up and configuration

This outcome involved developing the Skills Retention System which allows learners to assess their performance and also recap on things previously learned. The skills retention course allows learners to gain different badges for their effort and it also facilitates the sustainability of the training program through continuous improvement.

O3/A1: Learning environment set up and configuration

O3/A2: Content Re-purposing and modeling

In this Outcome, the content of the training course was re-purposed and modeled inside the B-CAPP environment as interactive multimedia content infused with digital resources following the principles of micro-learning.

O3/A2: Content Re-purposing and modeling


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Promotional Video

Our video contains information about the B-CAPP project, its objectives and the methodology to achieve our goals. Find out about us and our endeavor!

- A3. Dissemination - Promotional Video