Innovation aspects

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The innovation of B-CAPP lies in the definition of new training modules and methods to support new entrepreneurs in running their business. 

Those modules and methods will be developed with a scientific methodology, based on profiling skills set, mapping needs and developing tailored training. Being tailored and based on a scientific mapping of needs and potentials, those methods will ensure the greatest educational results, compared to the traditional training modules.


The project’s learning activities and the development of the training material will be designed considering the different needs of the individuals together with the winning practices. Towards that direction, B-CAPP will develop:

The Financial Check Course (FCT):

  • The development of the Financial Check Training course responding to the definition of the Financial Sustainability Manager ECVET profile is conceived from the consolidation of the actual needs of start-ups in terms of financial management directly linked to smart uses of ICT for ensuring their long-term financial viability and growth.

The Financial Strategy Genie:

  • The “Financial Strategy Genie” will develop personalised training pathways by initially testing the current knowledge and awareness of start-ups about core financial management concepts and ICT processes and tools and then providing personalised training plans composed of phases (phased approach). The Genie is intended to work as a truly interactive system, favouring motivation and curiosity of users, avoiding the approach of a traditional training delivery.

A Skills Retention Service:

  • The Skills Retention Service comprises the re-purposing of the content of the FCT course and the integration of the content to a Learning Motivation Environment.

The B-Capp learning experience

  • Is a new approach that bridges the gap between the ‘as-is- and the ‘to-be’ situation regarding the successful and effective financial management of new businesses
  • Provides practical solutions to real-life problems linked to entrepreneurship
  • Enhances financial and entrepreneurial skills
  • Opens new horizons in the creative sector

Entrepreneurs Can…

  • Exploit their knowledge and skills in a new business
  • Enhance their role within creative industries
  • Be competitive in new working environments
  • Use new tools and goal-oriented techniques to improve the processes of running and developing their business