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Mobile Shopping (M – Shopping)

Online shoppers are making more and more purchases through their mobiles, increasing shopping on e-commerce marketplaces.1 Mobile shopping has been a dominant trend since 2017 onwards. In fact, during 2017, over 40% of online purchases were made on smartphones, since consumers are getting more and more comfortable with mobile commerce.2 Adopting M-shopping results in several changes in customers’ behaviour. More specifically, researches have shown that the number of orders (order rate) as well as the amount spent overall (order size) increase as customers – even low-spenders – resort to M-shopping, as illustrated in the following schema3:

How Mobile Shopping Affects Customer Purchase Behavior

Picture 2. How Mobile Shopping Affects Customer Purchase Behavior
Source: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0022435915000032

According to this illustration, the latest trend is for customers to shop through their mobile for habitual products that they have already purchased previously. To that end, retailers should invest more in M-storefronts, especially to promote these kind of products.3

Embrace mobile strategies

In order to capitalise on the trend of M-shopping, you need to be as well equipped with mobile data as possible. This is key to a successful app strategy, since insight metrics allow you to:4

  1. Define and re-design your strategies to drive customers to their app
  2. Apply features that increase the possibility of purchase.
  3. Accurately measure customer satisfaction and make changes to improve and be more successful according to customers’ demand.
  4. Adopt best practices that are proven to engage customers and affect the order rate and size.

Some of the most efficient mobile strategies, that you should embrace, are:5

  • Support Cross Platform Mobile Solutions in order to target more devices and thus more users with the lowest development costs.
  • Provide a Multi-Channel User Experience to remain competitive in the fast-paced world of mobile development.
  • Build Up the Relationship with your Customers over time by providing special services that focus on their needs.
  • Create Interactive Apps, push notifications for offers, facilitating the creation of shopping lists and including ways to engage your customers with your brand.
  • Use Tools for Clienteling to empower your sales force by providing salespersons that can check product availability and improve customer support.

How to optimise listings for mobiles in 4 easy steps6

  1. Create responsive listings
    In this step, you need to make sure that your product listings look qualitative on any device – desktop, smartphone or tablet. Customers will be able to read all the information displayed without having to zoom-in and zoom-out or scroll up and down, and read through all the texts. The more comfortable the users feel, the more optimal the shopping experience becomes.
  2. Write concise listing descriptions
    There is a high-level competition amongst different marketplaces and thus, shoppers can get easily distracted. Besides, they don’t have time to read pages and pages of text. They must understand quickly if your product covers their needs. Otherwise, they will move on to another site. Therefore, your descriptions should be concise including only relevant information.
  3. Use images to convey the quality of your product
    As mentioned before, shoppers don’t have a lot of time, but you can make them remember you! Use an image of your store or product or even a slogan that guarantees that you are unique.
  4. Do not repeat standard policies
    Remember that you are working with a small screen size and even a single pixel is important when it comes to mobile devices. An efficient strategy is to display common policies (i.e., shipping, payments, return policies) on a specific part of the listing, so you don’t have to repeat them in your description.

Positive and Negative Part of the Solution


You are following the trends and providing an efficient user experience, thus increasing your shopping spots across the web.


It requires programming skills or a development team.

Connected Actions

Time required to implement a solution and when possible associated cost

About 5 working days to design your strategies provided that you have already done market research, and then about 5 further days to create your mobile solutions

Estimated Exploitation

Whilst traffic from desktops and tablets is decreasing, being present in mobile environments aims to win millennial customers.

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Cross Border remark

Mobile shopping has increased cross-border purchases, even by low-spenders, and thus commerce spend is expected to surpass all previous rates until 2021 worldwide, as mobile strategies rise and thrive.7