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The Great Business Content Challenge

Continually creating new content is one of the biggest challenges in content and online marketing. Besides, writing content for the Web is not the same as creating content for any other channel or type of medium. This is because there is an oversupply of information across the Web and users consume this information differently when online. Despite the fact that good writing skills can be also exploited in online content creation, most internet users tend to scan web pages, as they do not have time to read information word by word.

Creating online content means constant work. You need to keep it fresh and put some thought into it as well. Make sure you strategise and plan before you publish, so you are properly prepared in terms of consistency. Remember that it is one of the most powerful means for connecting and building up your relationship with your customers. It works 24/7 on your behalf, supporting your offline activities and increasing your efficiency1.

The Top Ingredients to Create Great Online Content

  1. Start with keyword research for SEO
  2. Invest in a good SEO suite and don’t forget SEO best practices.
  3. Keyword stuffing is never OK! A page full of keywords looks untrustworthy.
  4. Create original content.
  5. Focus on strong headlines.
  6. Be careful with your language style. Be consistent and modern.
  7. Don’t overuse meaningless buzzwords! Keep the interest of your readers!
  8. Keep it short and simple! Your content must be to the point and without irrelevant information.
  9. Dos and Don’ts! Don’t put apostrophes in pluralised words. When you are not sure, Google it!
  10. Make your friend!
  11. Keep the reading level low. The easier an article is to read, the more engaging your content gets.
  12. Make your content actionable. Your sentence structure, word choice and style need to emphasise action.
  13. Provide added value. Insightful ideas and tips are always welcome!
  14. Make the reader feel something. Give your readers a reason to care from the first sentence. Create viral content that is engaging and thought-provoking.
  15. Always hyperlink to your sources.
  16. Make continual updates to your links, website or blog,
  17. Communicate better plaining pictures or videos.
  18. Be able to provide answers.
  19. Be accurate in your reporting and sourcing of information
  20. Share your posts in Social Media for maximum value.

Use these Websites as examples!4

There are many websites that provide great content and can serve as an example to you.

Some of them are:

The Oatmeal

  • It is fast
  • It is funny and original
  • It has engaging content


  • It is updated frequently
  • It is easy to read
  • It is a site for everyone

Harvard Business Review blogs

  • It is updated frequently
  • It provides great advice for entrepreneurs
  • It has a great variety of articles
  • It provides original and actionable content


  • It uses charts to visualise the data
  • It includes impactful stories
  • It provides original content


  • It includes a short synopsis for each article
  • It provides easy-to-read content


  • It has bold headings and thought-provoking content that is usually against the mainstream articles
  • It is updated frequently

Useful Questions about Creating Content5

After you have planned your content marketing strategy, the content creation begins! However, before you start, you need to have answers to some crucial questions:

  • What should I write about?
  • What type of content should I create?
  • What are some examples of great content?
  • Where can I find more information about creating specific content types?
  • How can I get more life from my content?

Positive and Negative Part of the Solution


Creating top-quality online content can help you build your brand awareness, trust and loyalty, reach a much larger audience, keep your marketing costs down and increase traffic to your website.


You must be prepared that the benefits of online content marketing are not immediate, whilst it certainly requires enhanced skills and multiple resources. Finally, finding ideas for your content is challenging and often tricky, as it is difficult to measure the effect and impact of your marketing strategy.

Connected Actions

Time required to implement a solution and when possible associated cost

Not applicable. It depends on your writing skills and your type of business!

Estimated Exploitation

Good content is important not only for the impact you make online, but also for the success of many other marketing strategies, such as SEO, social media and public relations.

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Cross Border remark

When it comes to cross-border commerce, global content marketing consists of four major steps:

  1. Plan: Create your strategy before you execute
  2. Produce: Create engaging content
  3. Promote: Distribute your content across the web
  4. Perfect: Measure and improve your steps to make the maximum impact