The Goal


The target groups

The project foresees the following target groups:

  • Female/Male entrepreneurs, mainly aged 18 - 35
  • Professionals dealing with management aspects of start-ups
  • VET training organizations, universities, trainers already providing entrepreneurship, financial management, eBusiness/eCommerce, ICT related training or looking to introduce such a training offering, business mentors, coaches
  • SME chambers, Business Innovation Centers, business incubation clusters, entrepreneurship associations, public officials responsible for entrepreneurship/growth/VET

The needs

  1. Lack of adequate knowledge regarding financial management techniques and ICT tools
  2. Lack of entrepreneurial skills

Primary Objectives

The primary objectives of B-CAPP are to:

  • Help entrepreneurs improve their skills and knowledge in financial management and smart use of ICT/eBusiness for reducing operating costs and generating revenues
  • Address financial management concepts in direct relation to the adoption of proven ICT practices and tools as smarter use of ICT drives revenues and reduces operating costs
  • Achieve relevant and high-quality skills and competencies - including basic, transversal and soft skills, entrepreneurial, foreign language and digital skills- in order to foster employability, socio-educational and professional development